Pet Claw Furniture Protect Pads



🐶 🐱 TRAIN YOUR PET: Apply our premium protectors to the places your cat scratches the most. They will learn where they can and cannot scratch.

🐶 🐱 REDUCE STRESS: Stop stressing about constantly watching your animal, with the fear that they will ruin your new or favorite piece of furniture.

⚜️ KEEP FURNITURE LONGER: Keep your furniture in perfect conditions and enjoy your favorite spot in the house for longer.

⚜️ UNNOTICABLE PROTECTION: Our scratch protectors are 100% transparent so you can place them where your pets scratch the most.

✔️ EASY TO APPLY: Simply peel the sticky covering off and apply to the places your cat scratches the most. Use the included tacks for extra stability.

✔️ REUSE AROUND THE HOUSE: Once they stop using the spot simply remove the protector and reapply as needed.

✔️ APPLY ANYWHERE: Our protectors can be places on leather, fabric, polyester, or just about every material. Place them where they are needed most and remove them with ease.

✅ Specification:
Item Type: Scratch Protector
Material: PVC
Color: Transparent
Quantity: 2pcs/4pcs
Item Size: 30cm*40cm (L*W)
Net Weight: 70g/2.5oz

✅ Package:
2 pcs/set & 10 spiral needles

4pcs/set & 10 spiral needles