Magic Growing Christmas Tree

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🎄 ⛄️🎅🏽 Grow your own decor with the Magic Growing Christmas Tree! This delightful paper tree grows vibrantly colored crystal! Best decor for your house or office.

💟Magical Growth – A magical paper tree that grows enchantingly.

💟Enchanting Crystals – Sprouts vibrantly colored, fine crystals. 

💟Entertaining – A simple entertainment that can stimulate children’s curiosity.

💟Safe to Use – Non-toxic and 100% safe.

💟Amazing Gift – Both kids and adults would love this magical gift!

💠 Specifications:
Material: cardpaper + plastic
Size: 18*23.7cm

✔️ Product content: two paper trees, a water bag and a chassis.
✔️ Open the bottom  of the carton, and then insert it into the slot of the chassis.
✔️ According to the cutting marks, separate the branches and branches from the paper by hand. The more open the branches, the more room for growth and the more beautiful they are.
✔️ Put the paper tree in the correct position, then cut the growing water package obliquely, and pour the water into the case (no need to pour it into the Christmas tree). After about 2 to 3 hours, you can see the branches start to grow.