Face Slimming V-Line Belt

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💓 Say goodbye to double chin 💓

The V-FaceLifter puts pressure and removes toxins and face liquid to tighten up loose and saggy skin.
Its essentially a miracle cure to double chin and jowls, and gives instant results.


✅ Jowls, double chin and flaccid skin is a common trait people of all ages and body shapes have.

✅ Weight loss or surgery are often considered solutions to these traits.

✅ The V-FaceLifter on the other hand, puts pressure on and removes both toxins and face liquid to tighten up loose and saggy skin.

✅ You will notice a big difference because it is actually reshaping the facial contour, and therefore also delivering long term results.


▶️ After only 40 minutes of usage, you will be able to see results of up to 1cm of tightening in your skin.

▶️ Not only will you see and feel instant results, you will see lasting results after daily usage.

▶️ Wear while working, relaxing or even sleeping there’s no need to disrupt your daily schedule.


🔸 The V-Facelifter is for everyone. If you are starting to age, have a double chin you wish to get rid of, or even considering a facelift, the V-Facelifter is perfect for you!

🔸 It is designed to fit into your life, and you can wear it while attending to your daily routine or even while sleeping!

🔸 It is the perfect solution for anyone that wants tight, firm facial skin.

🔸 The V-FaceLifter is durable and made to last. The mesh is reusable and machine-friendly.

🔸 You can tighten the V-FaceLifter to best fit your size, needs and wishes. Fits virtually anyone.

⚜️ Specifications:

Package Size: 180 x 25 x 120 mm
Material: LYCRA (Medical Elasticity Fabrics). The fabric is very stressful and elastic, not so easy to become loose.
Color : Pink